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As I write this article, I am sifting through some of the results of the local elections held recently here in Japan. At least, it seems like a glowing endorsement, until you look at the turnout. In other words, Mr Abe leads Japan not because the majority support him, but because more than 6 out of 10 voters have neither the time, energy nor inclination to oppose him. So why is it that in a country with such a high level of education, literacy and mass media that the Japanese people should be so disenchanted with the political process? A suitable comparison could perhaps be the UK parliament, where the Labour Party, traditionally a party of the left, with socialist origins, has in recent years lurched to the right in order to woo voters from their main rivals the Conservative Party. The same could be said of Japan. The Japanese Communist Party is, somewhat predictably the most left wing of the parties in the Japanese parliament, however despite making inroads in recent years, they remain, at best, a party on the political fringes.
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Around the world there is a growing interest in youth and politics. Some political groups are changing to respond to the growing number of young people who want to affect the political system. More young people than ever before are actually becoming engaged in local community campaigns and other political activities. Youth can change the world through politics by becoming actively, meaningfully and substantially involved throughout political parties and beyond. Building momentum for single candidates requires they remain committed to the causes that get them elected; pushing a political party or platform requires staunch champions for youth in politics.
For the first time in Japan, those aged 18 and 19 will be allowed to vote in a national election after a new law took effect on June 19 lowering the voting age from 20 to The revised law has expanded the electorate by 2. But this number accounts for only 2. In the Lower House election, voter turnout for people aged in their 20s was a mere In contrast, the rate for those in their 60s was According to the Nippon Institute for Research Advancement, 47 percent of voters who voted in the Upper House election were 60 or older.
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Young adults and japanese politics


Yesterday, the American Library Association released its annual overview of commonly banned and challenged books. Though census data shows that people of color comprise 37 percent of the U. YA books are traditionally centered on stories with a moral or progressive center, at least more so than their literary fiction counterparts. But those moral stories often take the form of dystopian sci-fi or realistic romances, rather than overtly political messages. Below are nine books that tackle relevant political issues, such as police brutality, gun violence and queer love.

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